Artistic Collaborations

We come over all excited when tasked with an inspiring, challenging project – and the artists whom we work alongside are unsurprisingly the ones who consistently bring us ever more imaginative projects in this respect.
After all, when technology is harnessed in the right way, it can unleash your creativity and empower your design options – and this is no less true of laser engraving and cutting, a medium through which you can experiment and explore techniques.
We routinely work with artists, galleries and businesses throughout the creative sector – and there are few materials that we’re yet to encounter with our artistic clients.

How We Work
We are suppliers of both Rowmark engraving laminates and Metal engraving materials; and we have an expansive machine bed that covers some 810mm by 508mm. Our technology can accommodate acrylic up to 15mm in thickness.
We welcome you into our studio to work upon your materials and become accustomed to how they react to the laser. We can also accept one-off projects, such as for the creation of samples, prototypes or concepts. Finally, we’ll provide a digital drawing service, should you require it.
Ultimately, we’re just like you – designers, and as such we can provide you with invaluable advice, guidance and consultation to ensure that you achieve all that you wish to through our services.

Questions or ready to move ahead?
Explore what we can offer for artists and for the creative industries – we’re completely flexible.
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