Veneered MDF wood sheet

Veneered MDF wood sheet

Cherry veneer MDF (6mm) – Cherry veneer features a wooden core, which is then sandwiched between two 0.5mm cherry veneer. Due to the aesthetic qualities of cherry veneer this material is frequently used in arts, crafts and for decorative uses. This wood is made all the more aesthetically pleasing with oils, which can deepen the hue.

Oak veneer MDF (6mm) – Oak veneer MDF has a wooden centre with 0.5mm veneers on each side. The grain of this wood is relatively deep compared to other forms of MDF.

Walnut veneer MDF – Walnut veneer MDF features a craft core, in-between 0.5mm veneers; the grain has a deep colour, with a distinctive pattern.

Common applications

Cherry, oak and walnut veneers are used for purposes such as modelling, signs, displays, furniture, decorative uses, crafts and jewellery.

Laser cutting

All wood veneers that we work with are processed with the protective paper still in place, this reduces the deepness of burn marks; this additionally allows us to produce the most precise result.

Oak veneer - The grain of oak is deeper than in other woods, and because of this the paper may not always sit flush. This can then mean that the oil makes its way through the gaps, potentially causing slight discolouring.

Walnut and cherry veneer: There are instances where slight discolouring can occur to walnut or cherry veneer, however where this happens the surface can be sanded – producing a clean result.

Cut edge

Cherry and oak veneers have a brownish cut edge, whilst walnut veneer produces a darker brown to black edge.

Laser engraving

All veneers we engrave are done to a minimal depth, producing a light and shallow scratching. Deeper engraving can be undertaken on veneer woods, however you’ll need to speak with the team about this. Generally the depth we work to is 0.5mm, and going past this will be down to the MDF depth.

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