Wood Sheet

Wood Sheet

Material overview

Cork sheet – Cork sheet is created from bark stripped from an oak tree. It features a delicate and closed cell structure – this makes it light in weight and an effective insulator for both heat and sound. Cork is additionally water-resistant.

MDF board – MDF board features an incredibly flat and smooth surface, created from a mix of wax and resin. MDF board handles heat well – which makes it perfect for laser engraving and cutting.

Spruce – Spruce wood is both strong and pliable, with a cool orangey hue. Created from various evergreen trees this wood has a pleasant wood grain.

Natural Walnut Wood Sheet – Walnut wood sheet is a superior quality material with a deep colour and dramatic grain.

Common applications

Cork sheet, spruce, MDF and walnut wood sheets are commonly used in art; craft; jewellery; modelling; retail displays; signs; prototypes and props for theatre.

Laser cutting

We employ a range of techniques to reduce the chance and frequency of burn marks and flaming; for example, with spruce we use protective paper, while for the top surface of cork we use compressed air. Slight marks should be expected, however for spruce and walnut, these can be sanded away quickly, by simply using grit paper.

Cut edge

Spruce has a brown to orange tone when cut; Walnut produces a deeper brown; MDF can range from brown to black, with a deeper tone the thicker the MDF is. Finally, cork can produce a dark black coloured edge.

Laser engraving

For all wood sheets we use raster and vector engraving. For MDF and spruce, the tone that is created from the engraving can differ due to the exact sheet, which produces a unique effect with each run (this is down to the colour of the wood, the grain line, wood thickness and moisture retention). When working with walnut, our laser reveals the texture of the wood grain, again this will produce a unique appearance.

For all wood sheets, we can work to deeper engraving levels should you so wish – simply speak with the team.

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