Material overview

Birch plywood comes in laminated sheet form, created from birch wood and is PEFC certified. Both sides of this material are Boil Resistant. This form of wood is frequently used in laser cutting and engraving, with the plywood bonded with a phenol glue line.

Please note: not all birch plywood can be laser cut – you will need interior grade which has an MR glue line.

Common applications

Birch plywood is used in a plethora of industries for many purposes, this includes signage, crafts, jewellery, furniture, cabinet making, retail and display.

Laser cutting

Birch plywood can suffer some burn marks during the lasering process, however our team always ensure that this is minimised using best practices.

Cut edge

Cut edges of birch plywood will be darker than the surface of the wood – the edges can become dirty and/or marked if allowed to make contact with the surface of the material.

Laser engraving

We can provide either raster or vector engraving for plywood, and will calibrate our equipment to suit the material that we’re supplied with.

Birch plywood generally requires only a shallow surface scratching - 0.4mm to 0.8mm. Plywood engraving is finished to an exceptional clearness, with a black/brown tone.

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