Paper & Card

Paper & Card

Material overview

The range of cards and papers we can work with are practically never ending, from standard stock paper, to dense, durable, specialist card for design professionals. Given the variety, paper and card always demand a highly customised approach. As an example, there are chemicals and dyes within certain paper and card that can result in more heat marks when laser engraved. It takes expertise to adapt to the material of paper or card being worked with. 

Common applications

Manilla stencil card: Generally used by design professions for tasks such as display; printmaking; graphic design; artist’s sketching and wall stencils.

General, grey or black card: Used in a wide array of industries for tasks such as: art; craft; modelling; business cards; display; decoration; graphic design; photo frames and prototypes. 

Laser cutting

The majority of papers and cards don’t require a protective backing as it tends to rip the surface, however it is appropriate in certain instances where it can peel off free from causing damage. Given the range of gsms for paper and card, each will create different results when worked on with a laser. We generally work with materials that range from 90 gsm up to 700 gsm, which are cut quickly to ensure consistent results.

Cut edge

Grey board – Cut edges take on a slightly brownish/yellow appearance.

Manila card – Manilla card is very thin, and as such any cut edge can’t be inspected, however it does leave an edge that is slightly deeper in colour than the surface material.

Laser engraving

Given the variety of paper and card qualities, thicknesses and finishes, they demand that we undertake some testing to discover how they’ll react to the laser and how we can produce the best results. With particular stock paper or card, no marks are left behind, with an appearance on being imprinted. We always recommend that our clients order samples before moving ahead with production, as this ensures the most suitable finish.

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