Coloured acrylic

Coloured acrylic
Coloured acrylic

Material overview

Coloured acrylic is known as a thermosetting plastic, and boasts an exceptional surface finish, almost perfect flatness and optical values. Given its tough, brittle structure, this material is durable, but is also susceptible to stress concentrations (e.g. it could snap when placed under intense pressure).

Common applications

Coloured acrylic is often used in model making, glazing, at points of purchase (e.g. displays), signs, outdoor displays, furniture, models/display cases, forming and fabrication.

Laser cutting

Coloured acrylic sheets which you supply are handed over with the original plastic film on both sides. Laser cutting can then take place with only minimum heat marks, with the film protecting the surface from scratches and damage.

Cut edge

We generally recommend that we work with coloured acrylic sheets of a minimum thickness of 3 mm; whilst we’re able to work with thinner material than this, you do need to consider the usage - for example, it can make components unstable in models. Speak with our team for more insight on this.

Laser engraving

We use cutting-edge technology to provide laser engraving for a wide variety of materials – when we work with acrylic, the markings we leave are considered cosmetic light surface work, leaving a creamy white finish behind.

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