Clear acrylic

Clear acrylic
Clear acrylic

Material overview

Clear acrylic is a form of thermosetting plastic which provides for many benefits, as well as a wide range of applications; these include its excellent surface finish, perfect flatness and aesthetically pleasing properties.

Common applications

We use clear acrylic in an extensive array of applications, including model making, the creation of signs, the construction of furniture, in glazing and even in forming and fabrication. For designers and manufacturers there are few as flexible a material to work with as clear acrylic.

Laser cutting

Clear acrylic is provided in sheets which feature protective film; when laser cutting is to be undertaken this film is left on, which decreases the chance of heat marks and helps us to protect the sheet from scratches.

Cut edge

Lasers can create superior, polished edges when used with high quality, clear acrylic. Through a high laser frequency the edges of the material melt as the laser works its way around, leaving a smooth to the touch finish that has been created from numerous tiny vertical lines.

Laser engraving

When working with clear acrylic we create what is known as shallow cosmetic light surface scratching, which creates a matt, milky white finish upon the engraved areas. This ultimately creates contrast between the engraved sections and the clear areas. We’re able to work from vector and raster images, as well as offering deep engraving. If you’re unsure as to whether this material would be suitable for your project, or have general questions about clear acrylic, then contact the Laser Cut team – who’ll be happy to talk you through the possibilities when working with clear acrylic.

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